Funny thing, life…

Checking my HBA gmail account yesterday I saw that my old friend Ash accepted an item I’d sent him recently. I was amazed because I thought he’d left SL for good, but it got me to thinking about my old friends and the nature of SL relationships.

When I started I had no friends – I’m not sure why, I didn’t know what SL was and I’ve never been into social networking so I just wandered about on my own. But then I landed in Murray and met Pinkie who introduced me to her friends there and suddenly I had tons of mates and SL was fun at last.

But now they have either left (Annika, Pinkie, ReeToric), moved on (Janey, Andy) or our paths almost never cross anymore (Rusty, Kitty, Marisa).

In the last year or so I have met many wonderful people and am lucky enough to count lots of them as my friends, but I still feel pangs of sorrow at the loss of so many of my first friends in this world. Everything moves so fast in this world that relationships (I mean platonic) that would last longer outside flare and fade just long enough for their end to hurt.


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