Fleeez pleeez!

I can’t say too much and give away the game, but my long planned and much delayed new act for TSMGO is now rocketing along thanks to Enjah building the sets and Avs like the building superstar she is!
Postcard from Second Life.

If you try to IM me in the next few weeks and I’m slow to answer or distracted, I’m probably helping Enjah or rehearsing so I apologise in advance 🙂


  1. Enjah also showed the fleas to me, but their hideous aspect did nothing to whet my appetite, in spite of all the haberdashery and tailoring that has gone in to making them palatable for the stage. Really, fleas should stay where they belong: in men’s wigs!

  2. Perhaps Prof. Antfarmovssky should be wearing a wig, then scratch his performers into the limelight. I think, actually, I brought that up way back when. Or maybe a beeeyooteeeful maiden should lead a dog out as a “limo” for the flea stars.

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