Griefers over Cowell

I was busy making my new home in Cowell (more soon) nice and, well, homely when I saw the tell-tale signs of griefers attacking the forest behind me again. Sigh. I know they can’t do any real harm and I know we shouldn’t give them any publicity, but they really are a bunch of pointless wankers.
Attack on Kahruvel


  1. Last time I experienced this sort of griefing, I clicked on one of the objects, which gave me the names of the creator and the Owner, but when I tried to send an Abuse Report, neither name was valid, so I was unable to report it …. :((

  2. First time I went up in the Cowell lighthouse, same thing happened to me, but w/ maniacally laughing and spreading asses! Quite scary, actually. They knew where I was.

  3. 23rd Sept 09: Sorry guys – I missed these comments!

    Enj: Yupo, same thing had happened to me in the past. I guess they have already been banned by LL.

    BB: Yupo, same thing too. It’s a scripted object that detects an avatar and sets off its goodies. Worst griefing was with item spam – a system would start floodin you with textures which the client accepted without question and began to open without waiting (this has since been stopped thank christ) and within 10-30 secs your system was frozen as it tried to rez dozens of 1024×1024 textures. Re-log was only way to stop it back then.

  4. I recently beamed into Cowell in the middle of an attack of blue lower case smiling “e’s” that laughed maniacally and also were attracted to me. Maybe cause I am blue too. They would follow me when I ran or flew away. I was able to duck into a building or hide in a tunnel, but they could sometimes squeeze through prim seams and jostle me anyway. I was like someone turned loose a litter of prim pup “e’s” and they were jumping all over me. I actually had fun playing with them for about half an hour before I sent them home with their tails between their “e’s”

    1. Hmmm, I guess so. I just remember that on your old blog you detailed how a dragon came to to the forest one day and you took refuge in the small cave/mine. I wondered if maybe it had laid any eggs during its visit.

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