Torn Asunder in Thunder

“Torn Asunder in Thunder” – Extract of a SL novel by Lady Heady Antfarm.
(Soon to be found at Grignano Books)

“Damn it Philipina! I told you that the life of a federal storm chaser was no life for an ex-international fingernail and earlobe model!” Dr Erasmus Wilkinson was furious, and mixed in with that fury was concern and love and no small measure of lust. Philipina had never looked beautiful and available as she did now stood, as she was, in the torrential rain with her dress reduced to naught more than a transparent rag ripped by the wind and glued to the perfect curves of her womanly body.

“I… I didn’t mean to, Razzy,” she sobbed, “It just that I’m so cold and it slipped out of my hand…” she trailed off.

She was cold, he noted, Very cold. He could feel his very own barometric pressure rising as his eyes followed the curving isobars of her thighs and derriere. “Well it’s gone now and there is nothing we can do. We need to find somewhere safe to wait out this tornado.”

“What about that barn over there,” Philipina shouted over the wind, her face often obscured as her dress made frequent bids for freedom until it was whisked off over her head and swallowed whole by the dark, whirling behemoth above them. A behemoth made of clouds and rain and lightning and cows and dress.

Erasmus felt a force nine of his own stirring but fought back his carnal instincts for the good of science and mankind. Instead he took the naked assistant by her delicate wrist and ran like a man possessed across the field and to the barn. He ripped open the doors and threw his charge to a pile of straw inside before fighting manfully to close the doors against the howling winds outside. Finally, he staggered backwards from the locked doors exhausted. Philipina rushed to him “Oh Razzy, you did it. You did it!” she wept into his chest which was already wet from the rain so he didn’t feel it.

He did feel her tremble in his arms though and removed his coat to wrap around her “You’re freezing. You picked a hell of a time to stop wearing underwear, Philly,” he purred as his hands moved up inside the coat to cup her heaving cumulonimbi.

Outside the barn hell may have been breaking loose and sucking cows up like they were going out of fashion, but inside Philipina felt nothing but an approaching warm front as Erasmus’ very own twister rose to meet her storm funnel head on…



  1. My Dear Head B. A.,

    It is thanks to the delightful lasciviousness of imaginations such as yours that Grignano Books keeps attracting new readers. We shall meet and have the artists illustrate this outSTANDing work!

    Yours, Emma

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