PETH – Know Your Enemy!

Fellow foot soldiers of PETH (People for the Ethical Treatment of Humans) commit this face to memory for this is the face of Madame Creme Caramel, arch-nemises of PETH and Number 1 Head Honcho Big Cheese in the “training” of captured humans!
Mme Creme Caramel

Oh she may look sweet enough. Just a friendly poodle, you may think. Just a faithful, loyal friend to French film stars and Eastend landlords. But look again! Can you see fur? No! She has had it all replaced with bullet-proof (and scratch resistant) plastic! Look at the eyes… the cold, calculating, merciless eyes of a cold, calculating merciless killer! Loot at the whip! That is her favoured tool of oppression! It is with this she beats and humiliates her captured prey and bends them to her will to make them prance and dance in her circus of hate.
TSMGO - 15th Nov 08

But take a closer look at the photo above and you will notice one of our brave PETH heroes staging a one-man demonstration that enabled at least one of the poor humans to break his shackles and run like buggery for the door! Well done to Private Mamoru Junkers – sadly he was beaten to death by the evil poodle moments after this picture was taken and the escaped human drowned in the waters that surround the theatre, but it’s the thought that counts, isn’t it.

TSMGO - 15th Nov 08
Private Mamoru Junkers.
Died at the hands of an evil poodle helping a blue idiot. Rest in Pieces.



  1. If you ever want to see the remaining humans again, send me $3,508,275 (USD) to fund my Home for Spoiled and Cranky Poodles of Death.

  2. I would prefer not to “bugger” the creatures (they are well beneath me in that regard), but I will certainly be eager to hear any more reasonable suggestions of how I may dispose of them.

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