The shyfting sands of Montara

I came out of the Eleanor Theatre in Phobos after a trip to sort out some sets and decided that rather than resume my road trip, I would take a wander over to the Bealiner Diner and chat with Irene for a while. Boy am I glad I did!
New Build in Montara

Just past the diner I saw an amazing build I had never noticed before – beautifully curved ramps, covered walkways, towering statues, a soaring bridge and an elegant airship all in some form of steampunk-meets-arabesque style…
New Build in Montara

How could I have missed this before and who built such a beautiful site? This was a wonderful surprise for me to stumble on and I began to explore right away. The location seemed to be called The Memory Place and it really was big…
New Build in Montara

I headed down the covered ramp that ran into the site and away from the ship tethered above…
New Build in Montara

…to a doorway that offered several different paths…
New Build in Montara

I followed my furry (and nosy) nose into the building and found a strange half-forgotten, dusty home full of echoes of life and love and fun. A place where sunlight crept gentle so as not to disturb the dust mites sleeping on the photos. The place was so utterly quiet I could hear my heart thumping away like a cannon and I feared it would wake whatever ghosts slumbered here…
New Build in Montara

The other door led to an ever-waiting train locked is a station whose line no longer ran anywhere but into a pitch black tunnel. I braved the inky darkness and was rewarded with…
New Build in Montara

An Egyptian queen’s secret bathing chamber! An wonderfully relaxing bolthole for some lucky soul.
New Build in Montara

Back outside and under the bridge that spans the Linden road there are shops selling Art Deco marvels and a small amphitheater with raised steps surrounding a beautiful pool. In the pool stooan ever-changing kinetic light sculpture…
Nw Build in Montara

The pool was fed by a fountain held aloft by one of three beautiful, huge statues, the elgant bridge arching high above them…
New Build in Montara

…linking the main site to the shops – although from a high vantage point, the bridge looks less like a walkway and more like an aqueduct that once fed the river… this of course could just be my imagination 🙂
New Build in Montara

You must go and see this place (in fact I *must* tell Salazar – this place looks old!) and if you uncover any secrets, such as who lives there? who lives on the train? where does the airship fly to? please make sure you let me know 🙂

Yours in Travel. And Airships,
HeadBurro Antfarm

(1) The who was as easy as an edit check – Shyft Sands built it. Why did I miss it? Also easy – I haven’t been down that way in months 😀


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