Xmas All Over!

Bloody hell! Anyone would think it was Christmas or sommat. Everywhere is white and snowy – and it catching!

From Cowell…
Xmas comes to Cowell

…to Grignano
Xmas in Grignano

Hell, even good old HBA Island is caught in the middle of a very untropical snow storm!
Snow over HBA Island Snow over HBA Island

But the best location so far has to be the centre of Nova Albion where LisaHot Juran, with help from of the city’s elders, has created a collaborative celebratory space that looks just great!
Xmas over Barcola

Xmas in Nova Albion Xmas in Nova Albion

The tree is for all the enjoy and add gifts too – here is a free-to-copy snowglobe of the Grignano brownstones by Os:
Xmas in Nova Albion

Lisa’s done a great job and really made Xmas in Nova Albion special – well done mate 🙂
Xmas in Barcola


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