Farewll Svarga?

A sad day folks, Svarga is up for sale 😦

Ever since my early days in SL I’ve known about, visited and loved Svaarga, but I’ve also been aware of its precarious nature. I’m fairly sure that the talented creator, Laukosargas Svarog, had already stopped working on it by the time I started on Nov 06, and there have been many reports of her general unhappibess with SL and the technology that drives it.

But now the future of this a:mazing place is really in the balance and I feel curiously sad. Check out the full story over on NWN and if you do only one thing in SL this week, go and see Svarga whilst you can.

p.s. There are always two sides to every story and as usual Prok has the other side and made me think about ten things I never even considered (as well as making me feel a proper thicko again) in his post here – read it! I still like Svarga, but by god Prok makes you think, doesn’t he 🙂


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