Exploring Nautilus Island with The Bakers

Ever since Linden Lab (re)discovered the Nautilus landmass several people and groups have been exploring it, but none so throughly as The Bakers. In over twenty photo-filled posts they explore the landmass and waters east to west and they have uncovered some amazing secrets I’ve yet to see anyone else document. Hop over to their blog and read all the posts.



  1. Hey, that’s a very nice promo HBA, and I fully appreciate it. Inspires me to polish up the new underwater posts more, and push forward on them as well. It’s a controversial island in the current economic crisis, SL and RL, but I think Nautilus City deserves some attention for other issues as well. The Lindens desire some credit, and also I feel there are non-Linden “forces” at work both above water and underwater here. In all likelihood.

    So… were you the one who hit Baker Bloch with that train? He’s still recovering (more emotional than physical at this point ,though).

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