Moving into Cowell

I’ve wanted to live in Cowell since almost the first time I visited (the first time was a noob when I thought I’d found Cornwall but hadn’t – that was another sim) way back when I was still fully human. So imagine if you will, dear reader, my sense of giddy delight to have finally moved into one of Salazar’s gorgeous white buildings by the sea. I have chosen well and now occupy the two top floors of the very last building before you leave Cowell and enter Noyo – it has a wonderful view of the sea and is backed by the scented winds of the great forest. I don’t think I could have chosen a better spot, could I?

Cowell Cowell

I had 200 prims to play with so furnishing my new home has been a challenge to a man not used to such things – I’m discovering just how big and inventive the low-prim furniture market is 😀

On the roof I have my faithful (and very old) sky hopper parked next to my small veg plot…
HBA in Cowell

Whilst inside I’ve added lights to both my living room and my bedroom-cum-study. There is always a hot cup of tea waiting for you if you pop by – don’t worry if I’m out exploring the forest or sailing to Palomarian, just make yourself at home 🙂
HBA in Cowell HBA in Cowell

I’ve planted some vines out on the terrace – feel free to sit and watch the sun on the water in the peace and quite of Cowell, the village by the sea…
HBA in Cowell


  1. That vicious little bugger is still patroling off HBA Island where he belongs! Grrrr.

    Mind you… Maybe I should invite some of his cousins into the Cowell canal… I wonder if Sal would mind some of his visitors being a little frayed… ;-D

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