Prime Minister Prok doles out some gongs

A while back, Prok set up a Parliament and it seems to be going great guns as he’s just handed out the first of his Knighthoods.

Prok says that as a Yank he doesn’t understand Knighthoods. I say don’t worry because as a Brit can neither do I. All you really need to know is that all such honours are given to an odd mixture of ordinary folk who really deserve some recognition, some right old arseholes who don’t and some currupt twunts who bought them with a bung to whatever Government was/is in power at the time. Just because we call ourselves a first world country doesn’t mean we aren’t as corrupt as Mehistan y’know. We just hide it better.

Anyhoo, pop over to Prok’s blog and read who were the lucky recipients of the first ever Prokainia Knighthoods – the answers may surprise you 😉

I wonder if he needs a Minister for Travel, Smut & Swearing? I can’t leave him a comment and ask as where I am won’t let me – must be a world-wide Prok ban! Those pesky one-letter Lindens will have something to do with it!


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