The Great & Expanding Bodega Vent

I was flying over Bodega recently on my way to the Explorer’s Base when I noticed some new items in the sea in front of Osprey’s place. I seems someone had placed a glass and steel dome over the expanding volcanic vent that lies in her bay.
Bodega Vent 1

Over on the shore there was some form of steam pump connected via underwater pipes…
Bodega Vent 2

Both of these have been installed by Salazar’s relative, Champie Jack but for what reason I had no idea. Is he measuring its growth or trying to tap its power? Devoid of answers, I took a dive down into the depths – braving the circling shark and nasty sea snakes, I might add!
Bodega Vent 3

Bodega Vent 4

I shall have to IM Chmpie and Os to see what the device is for and what the latest developments are – stay tuned!



  1. That oddness began oh – maybe 18 months or 2 years ago, I think, and started out quite small. When it grew Salazar decided it might be a good way to power the Explorer’s Base (those portal enhancers need SO much power) and installed Champie’s device. Art’s Shark of Peace and Love is much happier now as the temperature of the water isn’t going up up up as it was. Those sea snakes appeared after the device was installed, though, and the jellyfish population in the bay has gone down drastically – I’m not sure what to think about that.

  2. The sea snakes are a right gumpy bunch of arse nibblers – I think they’d get on well with Tiddles, you know (and I’m sure he is only 1 prim…)

    What is the vent really begins to grow – will you have to move out? Should we be looking at digging a channel to allow the lava out to sea?

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