HBA The Fat Controller

Now. Hold on to something and do try to keep up. This is a short recap of the things that occurred in the last year.

Yonks ago I decided to do a road trip. Flying over Kahruvel I met Nish Mip. Flying and road trip = I know, but it was shortcut. Nish has come to a loads of fun stuff with me and my mates. She makes stuff. Her Burning Life 08 was great and she has made some cracking trains and I have one.

OK, now we are all on the same page here’s my long delayed (1) write up about my first time in a train in SL. Driving a train I mean. I’ve been in one before. Caledon I think. I maybe wandering off track. Sorry. Track – haha! Sorry.

Let me start again. I have one of Nish’s trains and I’ve been meaning to take it out for a spin on the railways over on Heterocera Atoll for ages. Well I finally got around to it (2) and it was a blast!

Nish gives full instructions with the train, but essentially it’s a rez’n’ride affair – drop it on the tracks so the invisible guide rail is between the wheels and get on. Couldn’t be easier – or more fun!

I started my short journey at Aglia station, a Scandinavian-style mini-stop on the branch line:
Nish's Train

Here I am on the footplate – my fireman was off sick so it looked like I’d be busy on this trip!
Niah's Train

Sim crossings are, as always, hairy but the train coped admirably and I never crashed once, just floated off or sank into the ground for a second before the code pixies delivered their packets and I snapped back to the track in a new server. Here I am zooming down the line:
Nish's Train

Eventually I arrived at a great little station; Tenera Station was a huge robot bending to hold the station out in welcome:
Nish's Train

I had a busy night ahead and couldn’t go any further this time, but now I have another road trip in mind – Stations of Second Life! Add that to my idea for visiting infohubs like Ambat and Ross as well as my ongoing road trip across Sansara and re-telling of the start of my life as a half-gazelle and I’m one very busy Burro!

Thanks for the great train Nish – anyone else wanting to try one out can get one from her Xstreet page here 🙂

(1) Sorry Nish – I’m crap 😦

(2) See (1)



  1. Really this is my first time on the Atoll – I’ve been to the odd sim, but never to explore the Atoll.

    And no, twasn’t me I’m afraid – whoever it was wants their licence revoking though 😀

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