I is two!

Just a quick note to say that today two years ago I first entered this world as a Boy Next Door av on the old help island where you talked to the parrot and picked up the ball.

I’ve had a great two years, met some amazing people, made (and lost) some great friends, become involved in some wonderful and fun endeavors. All in all, my time in this world has been brilliant and its all be down to the people – I’m a social creature after all 🙂

Thank you to my friends in-world and my readers of this blog – I hope your Second Life is making you happy as well. Here’s to the next twelve months of exploring, friends and fun 🙂

Happy Rezday!

Happy Rezday!



  1. Hi guys 🙂

    Janey, Portia & Violet – TY!xxx I was out at a work leaving do [losing my boss 😦 ] so when I did quickly log on last night, I was mucho squiffy and it felt like a little bit the SL and RL had merged 🙂

    Os: TY mate – Fun and smut, I hope 😉

    Nish: TY for the youknowwhatkeepitquietsaynowthushhushkeepitunderyerhatmum’stheword! It’s great!

  2. hehe – thanks Sal – at the rate I manage to get the story told, it might take me another two years just to catch up!

    I think I need to speed up in the style of Heroes season 2 😉

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