What does your SL look like?

Osprey had a fun post on her blog here about what her screen looks like as she navigates in-world and I wrote such a long reply I couldn’t help but copy it across here and shamelessly steal her idea. Here goes 🙂

This is what my SL screen looks like and why – what about yours? The items are lifted directly from Osprey’s order but I’ve added some like, hates and ideas to the end of the list:)

1. Name: I always show it or I get lost. In fact the only time I turn any or all names of off is during TSMGO shows or huge, busy events as it makes the screen hard to understand. I almost always change avs, drop inv and open up profile items on someone’s name – trying it on their body just means I select a prim attachment and I get very frustrated.

2. Group tags: I used to have my group title showing, but since doing the shows I have them turned off so I don’t forget and leave one hanging above me during a performance (a real non-no for the shows). To be honest, I rarely look at what groups people are in based on the title above their head as more often than not the groups have no meaningful group charter and not open.

3. Chat bubbles: These I keep on all the time – I can’t operate without them now and miss chunks of the conversation if they are off. Although, when exploring in a group, or doing a show, I have them on *and* the chat history window open so I can read back quickly if I’ve missed something when taking a photo or moving sets.

4. Mini map: Always on, at the top right and rotating. I only really turn it off for shows but I’m not sure how I use it the rest of the time really – just for finding green dots I think.

5. Camera/Movement Controls: The camera control panel is usually on so I can line up a picture better, but I never have movement one on.

6. HUDs: I used to wear quite a few, and back in the griefing days of Murray (not me griefing, but rather being griefed) I’d have 3-4 defensive systems running and maybe a couple of other toys tracking and recording. These days I only ever have my Mysti (although I use it for very little now – mainly radar really) and my face emoter on – both of these are low profile and never get in the way. Dare I go without my mysti? Eeek!

7. Text colours: Nope, just default. I don’t really work in colours, and just as long as the text is clear I’m happy.

8. Selection Beam: I have changed this in the past, but it makes no difference so it may or may not be default, I couldn’t say. Blue? It may be blue. Is it blue?

9. Hovertips: I didn’t even know these existed until Osprey and Enjah showed me a few months back. Now this option is on all the time 😀

10. UI: I’m fairly flexible – I sort of like it as it is, but I’ll use any really. Actually, having said that, I can’t stand too many windows open – even the chat/IM box really annoys me. I’d rather have some dead space at the left hand side where they all went rather than have them pop up on screen – and tabs in the dead space to flick between them (chat, build, stats, camera, etc.). I HATE HATE HATE them on my screen.

11. Search area: Just use it for search really, but even then rarely – I use the BUY L$ bit quite a lot. I’d like an AtoZ & HotKey button on the HELP menu though – then if I was searching for “Select only my Items” I could look in the AtoZ under S and know which menu option it was under.

12. UI Size: I think mine is at .95. I’ve tried using full screen but it’s hard to switch between programs then so it runs in a window. I only go full screen and UI-less for filming.

13. In Preferences, I have Bandwidth and Cache down to 300 but I don’t know why. I seem to remember reading on Prok’s blog that this made it less laggy but I’m not sure.

14. I have everything on Ultra and draw to about 200m – I’ve not crashed yet on this nice nVidia 8600 (or is it 6800?).

15. I can’t stand having web link open up in the browser (see 10) so they open up my normal browser (Firefox – not IE and doubly not IE7 – yuk!)

16. I only recently learnt I could save IM chats until the next time I IMed that person – this makes conversations much easier 🙂

17. I always have camera constraints disabled as I often lose things underground when trying to build. I’m not a natural as I think we all know.

18. I hate the way that setting AWAY lasts precisely .3325 of a second.

19. Going ‘Busy’ should give you a list of what items were binned. Or at least the names of the people that tried to give you stuff.

20. I LOVE the way that the avatar doesn’t get hung up on the smallest snag underfoot. Having played Rogue Trooper recently, it is very frustrating to have your character suddenly stop dead (whilst being shot at) only to find your hip is touching the corner of a railing or a small stone dares to get in front of your foot.

21. I’d like a better ‘looking at chatters’ function so we just don’t all stand around looking into space or at the wrong person when we are talking in a group.

That’s it I think. A tour of how my world looks. Of course it’s a bit different on my laptop as I have to have many of the graphics options turned off and I can only see 96m at best, but I only go on there to chat now – all my real SL work is done on the PC.

These are good examples of how my screen looks when I’m exploring and taking pics and examining items. That dead space on the left would so help this keep clear.
Hunting for Magellan Linden in Nautilus


Hunting for Magellan Linden in Gaeta

p.s. Os has posted a great follow up 🙂


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