Booze soaked night on HBA Island

I logged in recently full with the good intentions of photographing more my road trip and desperate for something else to do instead. It’s a little like having to do your homework/banking/assignment (delete as appropriate) in that the smallest of tasks becomes far more urgent and just has to be done before you start what you should be doing. So after I put out TSMGO posters (24 hours before the event and on my 3 plots of land all of which have less traffic than an Amish village) and added a weather system to the dig in Nuba (and checked out the new version of the weather system which I’d like but can’t really justify at the moment) I began to search around for something – anything – to do that would save me from a night of endless snapping.

The gods of SL (G’al, G’alzookie, Moth Thing, Lord Hippo and Elvis) shone down on me and aligned the planets so Enjah, Osprey and Young all popped on line at the same time. A few IMs and TPs later and we were gathered on the beach of HBA Island under yet another tropical storm drinking strange cocktails that had us all hallucinating and wobbling like weebles on a bus. We chatted and joked and planned more acts for The Show Must Go On – it was just what I needed, time with friends instead of taking pictures of empty sims with only Frank’s whinnying to keep me company.
Friends on HBA Island

Enjah had to leave first (something about a pickernick basket) and then Osprey, although not before she had accompanied Young on a tour of the island. They both braved Tiddles (and his cousin, Bastard) and despite mucho blood loss even staggered into the jungle to see the shipwrecked Professor’s campsite.
Friends on HBA Island

Young and I chatted the night away until Lady Sleep wrapped her seductive arms around me, nibbled my neck and told me to switch off as she had something she wanted to show me upstairs (turned out it was the back of my eyelids) and I had to leave as well.
Friends on HBA Island

This is the second time I’ve ended up chatting the evening away with Young and I have to say I can think of no better way of spending an evening 🙂

p.s. Os’ post here 🙂


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