Playing SL ‘out of the box’

Prok has a great post up todayon the single most annoying thing about SL for me – the fact it takes a huge, expensive wallet-bollock of a computer to play it.

Sure I *can* get it to run on my old laptop (the very machine I started my second life on a few days shy of two years ago) but only if I want not to play it. Bollocks to what the techies say – Windlight fucked it over. And I love windlight.

This time last year I knew the laptop was all but buggered and I’d have to splash out on a new computer. I got a desktop in Feb 08 and it cost me £600 – not a small amount for me and hard to justify just so I can prance about like a gazelle every now and then. But I did it because I love SL.

But it should not be this way. Read Prok’s post. He’s right – why do we have to pay top dollar or bugger about checking if various bits of kit will work with SL when they work just fine with tons of other games? I don’t want to have a machine custom built. I don’t want to know what bits of kit I have to buy. I just want a box that plays it. I’m not a techie and SL is not the soul preserve of techies – they have other places and I respect them and their knowledge enough not to go blundering into those places and demanding they make them all work on my ZX81. But SL is ours. It should work for us – all of us.

For god’s sake, make the damn thing work with more graphics cards and make the fucking sliders actually positively impact performance when they go left instead of just cutting down the quality of appearance. I don’t mind if the world looks less than optimal on my old-but-once-capable-lappy, I just want it to work.



  1. I’ve heard from someone ‘in the know’ that they think the Lindens will sell out to IBM within a year, maybe that would be a good thing maybe not, we will have to wait and see. Knowing exactly how important it is to get the right spec, I used the Second Life spec page which was very useful before I got my laptop. They must lose thousands of customers though, with incompatible computers, as most people would give up if they can’t log on in the first place. Even having the right spec doesn’t stop me being thrown into the blue yonder if I try to sit on something and having to go into ‘Appearance’ to get back to where I was, or it doesn’t stop me sliding and waddling like a duck whilst I’m trying just to walk.
    Sometimes I am a white cloud and have to use ‘Appearance’ to rez as well, what’s it all about? sometimes I wonder if the Lindens techs are having a laugh with us.

  2. Hi Janey – I don’t have those issue – yikes! The PC runs SL like a dream – no craches or freezes at all. The only issue is that glow is sometimes set to overload (things can be seen through walls!)

    Hi Os – I haven’t, no. I did try once but the download took aaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggeeeeeeeeesssssssss and then failed at the end. I just assumed it twas fooked. I’ll try again.

  3. The glow strength is set by the creator and I think people who can’t see it crank the setting up thinking it doesn’t do anything, resulting in headache-inducing flares of radioactive intensity.

    Although it would be good if SL could work on “box” computers, I have to say I’ve never, ever bought a box computer. I call up my computer men and say, “I want to do XYZ,” then they build me something that does XYZ. They put the money into things that are meaningful.

    I’ve always thought it would be a good business for someone to set up and sell SL-ready computers advertised inworld.

  4. Bloody hell – they *are* impressive, but alas, no techie-nerd I (my nerdism are elsewhere occupied) so I wouldn’t know what to do with one. Can they play SL?

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