Missing the show

With my recent busy life and blood lust, I have missed many an event in SL and I couldn’t be sorrier.

One event(1) I would have dearly loved to have attended was the opening at Enjah’s Mysterio Gallery of her latest guest showing, aboriginal art by Sistagriro Wei. I managed to pop along the next day(2) and have a good look round and I have to say, I loved what I saw – from the blinking, moving eye to the rotating lizard projections, the whole collection was both beautiful and beguiling. I especially loved the installation around the back of the gallery where dozens (hundreds?) of small round balls (bowls?) hugged the landscape like some form of strange, alien fungus.
Postcard from Second Life.

Postcard from Second Life. Postcard from Second Life.

Postcard from Second Life.

If you love seeing and experiencing art in SL, you must pop over to Enjah’s gallery and see this collection – and don’t miss her own great work on the floors above.

p.s. Read Young’s write up in the exhibition here.


(1) Others include the Halloween parade into Bay City organised by Osprey. Naz’s Halloween Party in Murray (I was there for 10 mins but had to go – Dead Set was waiting for me) and even more CNN meetings.

(2) Be warned though, I helped myself to the nibbles left out from the opening do and the crab paste ones had been a little too long under the lights – ooooo, can someone send for a doctor? I think my clackervalve is broken 😦


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