Hunting the Burro

Two bits of good news and one bad. As is the custom with these things, the good first.

1) RL is calming down a little now – no more busy times until Xmas so I should be able to get in world a bit more than I have done over the last few months. I have a stack of things to do: continue the various series I have underway (Road Trip, Backpacking Burro and The Island); get some more TSMGO acts underway (Hell, Fleas, maybe a new Margaux and Raoul); and generally see friends and have a good time – I’ve missed too many parties, gatherings and fun events of late.

2) I’ve nearly finished the second version of the flea circus audio track – Os found some excellent free music and I’ve re-recorded my vocals to better (emotionally) fit the events of the act. The act is still a long way off, but in that way that means it will suddenly come together really quickly once all the main players (me, Enj & Os plus some flea volunteers from the show’s troupe) manages to align our time in-world.

And now the bad.

3) I’m deep in the throws of a shooter gaming revival. I didn’t mean it to happen, but I saw a trailer for Max Payne (the film) and remember just how much I loved the games. Three weeks later and I’ve just finished number two and instead of the fever finally burning out (1) it’s burning even more fiercely. So much so that I contemplated nipping out yesterday morning to see what bargain bin games I could find in town. In the end I bought one online and tied up the broadband all day as it downloaded! I’m now the very pleased owner of a game called Rogue Trooper which is based on a strip in a comic I read as a kid (3). So there I sit, in my little computer cupboard, headphones on to shut out the world, arms and shoulder aching from bad posture and occasionally shouting things like “Die swine, die!” and “Kill them! Kill them all!” as I run through derelict city streets or war-blasted alien bunkers.

So wish me luck because I’m going in. You call for covering fire and I’ll alert the medic to get evac ready. What do you mean “No”? What’s wrong with you? You want to live forever, do you? Let’s go and kill some Nort scum!

p.s. If the fever still burns after this one, I’m going for Thief 3 (4).


(1) As it did the last time I was caught which was two years ago and with Max Payne (again) and Halo 1. It was from Halo that I found my way into SL (2) and have never picked up a game since.

(2) Although not via Halo – I just happened to be playing Halo at the same period of time when I read about this thing called Second Life on my mate’s blog (he mentioned it in relation to virtual business meetings).

(3) 2000AD. I honestly can not tell you how many happy hours I spent as a kid reading that and playing Rogue Trooper with Graham, my mate from 30 years back.

(4) Neither of my older Thief games will work on my fancy powerful PC 😦 Nor will Deus Ex, but to be honest, even though I liked that when I played it way back when, I’m not looking for a RPG-shooter, I just want to blow the crap out of bad guys and their cars/grav-copters. A streak of violent nihilism has washed ashore in the waters of my mind and instead of throwing it back I’ve taken it home and decided to whittle it away slowly…


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