The hunt for Magellan is back on!

If you’ve had your ear to the ground lately (always dangerous as someone could halfinch your wallet and draw a funny face on your bum as I discovered to my cost) you’ll have heard of the new land that has been discovered by Linden Lab – the continent of Nautilus. Well new land means that that ever grumpy nose of ol’ Magellan couldn’t be far behind and sure enough it appears that, seemingly now wary of flying, he has persuaded some of the LDPW moles to build him a ruddy great void-tunneling sim-crossing underground-moving tank!

Magellan Linden in Nova Albion dated 23-03-2006

Salazar Jack's photo of Magellan Linden in Nova Albion dated 23-03-2006

How do we know this? Because he’s been spotted, of coure! this time by the Lab and not by us mere mortals. But a spot is a spot (the end of my nose was recently a sorry testament to that simple truth) and now the explorers and hunters of Salazar’s troupe are on the case with three field trips planned for Thursday 23rd October (i.e. tomorrow) at 1pm, 4pm & 7pm SL time. Come one, come all! Bring friends! Lets see if we can snap a picture or two of this rare, hairy, sweary beast of lesser-spotted fame.

Be at the Explorer’s Base in Bodega for 1, 4 or 7pm tomorrow. And bring your cameras!

p.s. I’ve added a special page to this blog where I’ll add all the findings from this ongoing mystery – just head over to The Magellan Files page and get yourelf up to speed, Mag fans – there are even some buttons/badges for your blog 🙂



  1. I saw Salazar yesterday on the new continent (which happened to be birthed only a few sims away from my old land)…I wish I could be there on Thursday but the show I work on has the live tape night and I won’t get home until 1am SLT! (/me cries)

    Have fun and be careful- there’s something just not right with the new continent.

  2. Hi Violet! I’m only just able to make it myself – much pleading has resulted in the good lady Mrs Antfarm rearranging a secret night out she had planned for me – I’m a little bit in the doghouse, but my cheeky charm and winning smile will get me back in her good books soon. I hope.

    As for the new lands – I’ll be dusting off my old space suit and wearing some lead underpants.

  3. Nautilus is the most mysterious of the new lands that have appeared recently. It appears the Minoans had been there, with the small temple near the circular well (I guess that’s what it can be called) having frescoes of Cretan women, and the Lilies of Akrotiri on the walls, along with the snake goddess.

    I am excited to see how this new continent shapes up!

  4. Hehe, the inside of the temple with the frescoes has a huge crystal array shooting laser like beams of energy through the domed roof. It’s kind of in an odd spot as it doesn’t seem aligned with anything. Also, did you see the massive pink crystal obelisk near the edge of the citadel? That thing can be seen for hundreds of meters:

    Crystal Obelisk at The Citadel

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