SL Art: Madcow’s Sign of the Zodiac

My mate Cali is not only an amazing photographer, but also a keen patron of the arts in SL and it was good fortune to be online in time for the opening of her latest project, a hosted art installation by one of SL’s most talented builders, Madcow Cosmos.
Madcow's Zodiac

I’m rather afraid I bored Madcow with my questions…
Madcow's Zodiac

I invited some friends over and Nish, Nazna and I had a great time exploring the work 🙂
Madcow's Zodiac

Madcow's Zodiac

Before I managed to take some pictures of their favourite works…

Nish loved Aries…
Madcow's Zodiac

And Naz loved Pisces…
Madcow's Zodiac

Until I met every Gazelle’s nemesis… A Lion!
Madcow's Zodiac

So thanks to (the ever changing) Madcow…
Madcow's ZodiacMadcow's Zodiac
… for yet more amazing creations that make SL such a great place.

You can see more of his work on my Flicker here and don’t forget to pop over to see the work for yourself (SLURL to come).


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