Who looks like the Human HBA?

Bloody Billie Piper, that’s who! How the hell did that happen? She has a face like you are viewing each individual part under a magnifying glass. Not exactly unattractive, just more like a walking, talking Spitting Image puppet of herself. Besides, she is a she and I am a he (albeit minus the bits sold by Xcite).

But it doesn’t stop there, oh no.

Geri Halliwell. A Spice Girl. A bloody Spice Girl.

Freddie Prinze Jr. Who?

Takashi Sorimaci? Double sodding who?

Tasmeen Ghauri, Kristanna Loken, Rachel Leigh Cook – more bloody big fat whos?

The only other one I know is Hugh Jackman and I look bog all like Wolverine.

I’ve been gypped!

At least Osprey’s both looked liked her and was someone I had heard of. Pop over to her post and see 🙂

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  1. Dear Antfarm,

    Just wanted to say thanks to you for mentioning MyHeritage and actually enjoying its features 🙂

    We hope you’re having a great time with the celebrity family tree feature of MyHeritage !

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