Across A Crowded No-Mans Land

“Across A Crowded No-Mans Land” A SL Novel by Lady Heady Antfarm.
(Soon to be found at Grignano Books)

Tarquin would always remember the day the whistle blew, for it was the day he met and lost the love of his life: Klaus Von Ripburn, the Prussian Tiger of Old Pillkallen!

Over the top he went, the harsh shrill of the whistle still ringing in his ears as he ran headlong across mud and wire and into the path of bullets. Bullets, he noticed, that were not forthcoming. Actually, now he came to look about he found he was rather alone. No Prussian devils were charging towards him and a quick glance over his shoulder revealed the shocked faces of his comrades as they held the still whistling kettle aloft. Some of them waved slowly, pity writ large on their faces. Tarquin decided that a quick and silent retreat would be the order of the day. The brickwall of Klaus Von Ripburn’s chest put paid to that as Tarquin slammed hard into the huge naked, sweating, heaving chest and rebounded into the mud at his feet.

“Har! Zilly Inglisher scum, now you vill feel ze might of Ze Purssian Tiger! Oh yes! und Gott en Himmel!” the huge bear of a man bellowed to cheers from his lines.

Tarquin pulled himself up to him full height of five feet and nine inches and stepped up to the beast; like a magnificent oak Tarquin couldn’t help but think to himself, like a mighty, strong, rippling, oiled magnificent oak.

“Really, old chap? I rather think you are about to feel the bally might of His Majesty’s Own Lancer, you pompous, oiled muscled hunk of hun!” Traquin shouted back to a decidedly mixed response from his lines. He tore open his tunic, buttons flying this way and that like shrapnel, to reveal a chest and torso every bit as toned and rippling as that of the Tiger’s. Back in the trenches gasps of appreciation were heard and at least one swoon was registered.

“Mmmmm,” rumbled the Tiger, “zo you are a fighter. Zat is gut! I like nothing more zan to test myself against ze power und prowess of another zuch as yourself, Tommy Schwine!”

Tarquin watched the beast speaking, his strong throat bobbing and his harsh, cruel lips curling around the words, lapping at them one by one with his strong tongue… “Really? Well take this!” was all he managed to say as he leapt forward and wrapped his strong, lithe arms around the muscled torso of the Tiger’s beautiful, terrible body and they fell backwards into the mud…


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