Catching up with Os & Enj

It’s been a time for catching up and I had a fun time with Elle, one of Enjah’s extended family members, the other night.
Catching up with Enjah & Osprey

Elle took me to an amazing build (1) that was based on a Buddhist version of Hell (it is to my shame that I have to say I didn’t know such a thing existed) where giant demons hurl boulders at the screaming souls of the damned and knock them into an eternally burning lake of fire and lava.You can even click on special poseballs so you can join the throng of the damned – and I can heartily recommend you do 🙂
Catching up with Enjah & Osprey

Catching up with Enjah & Osprey


(1) SLURL to come – I can’t remember the name at the mo.



  1. bad bad hba… gave you the lm to the place ages ago with the words “there is a hell in sl besides murray” lol..

    Jigoku, Higashiosaka (118, 134, 64)



  2. Bloody Hell! So you did! I’m sorry Nat, I clean forgot about it! Thanks for adding the location here though – I went to the LM you gave me, but on my laptop so I didn’t see most of it – just the burning lake and rock walls. I will have to dig up all my old LMs from friends and go to them again on the PC 😀

  3. Well, the “authentic” Buddhist hell has several levels of hot and cold hells where you spend an incredibly long (but finite) amount of time there. Jigoku is more a mix of the traditional Chinese (non buddhist) and buddhist hell ideas. A lot of the tortures come from the Chinese version.

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