Catching up with TR

Way back in the lost mists of time, I met TR Amat in Murray. She came at a time when the minimaxes were being a right pain in the arse and I helped her with some shields and advice. Ever since then we’ve remained friends, although I hardly get to see her at all these days as we are both busy bees (1). TR is a robot powered by AI from the outside world but I have to admit that the last time I saw her, she was a little less robotic than now 🙂
Postcard from Second Life.

It was really great to catch up and she was a real sport to explore Natoma with me knowing how much I stop to take photos – here we are looking up at The Man:
Postcard from Second Life.

Hope to see you again soon, TR 🙂


(1) I was in Murray a couple of nights ago and didn’t recognise a single person – something that has not happened since I found my way there in December 06. It was an odd feeling – it was never my home (I beamed into Braunsworth when I first entered the world) but it has always been the closest thing I had to a home and now for the first time I don’t feel I fit there.


One comment

  1. Murray is always full of newbies and alts, although you can spot the alts a mile off as you well know! Some nice people still go there, sure you must know some of them. Murray will always be an odd, but interesting place, it was my home and I will always go back there from time to time 🙂

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