Nish’s Red Hot (Burning Life Exhibit, I mean… *cough*)

My mate Nish(she of the gorgeous Av) has put together an amazing build for the Burning Life 08 festival. I’d love to tell you what it is exactly, but it’s sort of hard to describe. It’s a sort of hallucinatory fairground ride dedicated to the power of human creativity and fun. With giant eyeballs. Don’t take my word for it – check out the pictures below and then go climb it yourself 😀

Here is a view from above to show just how ruddy big it is – blimey!
Nish's BL 08 Build

You start at the bottom under a rather lovely quote from an interesting sounding book:
Nish's BL 08 Build

And proceed up the ramp – just follow the arrows:
Nish's BL 08 Build

Keep going all the way up…
Nish's BL 08 Build

…until you find the spiral staircase:
Nish's BL 08 Build

It’s a long, hard climb to the top but it’s worth it:
Nish's BL 08 Build

There are quite a few eyes dotted about the place – they are watching you, you know!
Nish's BL 08 Build

This one here is a special one as you can actually enter it…
Nish's BL 08 Build

…to meditate – Enjah would love this!
Nish's BL 08 Build

And for you thrill seekers (I’m looking at you, Osprey) there is a great see-saw to brave:
Nish's BL 08 Build

Nish;s BL 08 Build

You can see all of my pics from Nish’s build here and all my pics from Burning Life 08 here.



  1. Thankyou . I’m so glad you liked it Head . I was hoping that people would enjoy the experience of the build both interactively and visually and it means a lot that you payed a visit and liked it. I think your description probably summed it up as well as i could , although I did hear something about a “large can of worms on acid” being mentioned in some heathens chat lol 🙂

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