Friends: Pinkie’s Land

I think I may have been the first of the old Murray crowd to get land – maybe it was the Genius Inc boys, although I think they usually ‘squatted’ on land given to them by the owners of the sims they designed. Anyway, I was an early renter and that was because I wanted some place where my friends and I could gather away from the griefing at Murray (1).

Some time after this, after the going and coming of many friends, Janey began to rent too. We both told Pinkie how much she’d enjoy having a place of her own but she held out for what seemed like forever. Until she suddenly bought a huge 5ksqm from Dreamlands. I think both J & I were gobsmacked, but I should be used to Pinkie’s ways by now – she never makes a move until she’s considered it for ages and then when she does, she goes for it with gusto 🙂

At first P was really happy here, pottering around, making this and that, buying things to turn her barren beach into a seaside idyll, but then RL got in the way and her time in-world was cut short. Her land remained unfinished and unvisited. I honestly thought she was going to announce one day that she has simply sold up and land was not for her.

So imagine my surprise, dear reader, when I received an IM from the venerable Ms Delcon to tell me that Dreamlands are closing or redeveloping her sim (and lots of others I think) and have offered her a generous settlement if she moves! To be honest, she’d have been mad (and out of pocket) to pass it up – she is now the proud (but still largely RL-bound) owner of a frankly whopping 16,000 square meters of a very lovely island sim. Blimey! Imagine what I could do with 16km! /me begins to drool…

So Pinks, I know SL is not on your radar at the mo, but when you do come back I hope you have a great time in your new home. And don’t forget to send me a land-warming party invite 😀

Pinkie’s Old Land:
Pinkie's Old Place 5

Pinkie’s New Land:


(1) This was at a time when the minimax crowd were active. Seems like a lifetime ago. They come back every now and then but they are largely impotent these days. I’ve heard that Min is back as a (surprisingly) very nice alt who (even more surprisingly) is a friend of mine. Now how strange is that? Maybe she got fed up of being hated and laughed at. The new version is quite lovely and well liked. Can a leopard really change its spots that much?


  1. Thx Head for the write up. I had a grt time at my old place and am hoping that I will get some ideas as to what to do with this place.
    I miss my old land but am looking towards the challenges of the new.
    A lot has changed from the old days. Hardly ever see a friendly face on sl these days. All the old crowd have moved on to bigger and better things. Hopefully we can meet up soon xxx

  2. You should get a landscaper in to do your island over and save you the hassle 🙂

    Other than that expense, what have you got planned for this place? Tropical paradise? English country garden? Huge palace? Forest for horses? What?

  3. It’s a little known fact that most (if not all) griefers are menopausal women who irrititable and out of sorts, and who pass out of their griefing stage when their ordeal has run its course. The proof: all those griefer fires are a wordless protest against hot flashes.

    Pinkie, I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering why you aren’t featured on a Combat card. Do you have any devastatingly good-looking fighting gear?

  4. Ha!! That *would* explain a lot. That’s why the avs are always ugly men, thereby further showing their irratation at those members of society who escape this and go on to make babies into the 90s (I’m looking at you, Mr Chaplin…)

    As for Pinkie, she’d have to learn how to bundle her av into one folder first – I’ve beeen meaning to help her with that for months and months. Pinks – drop me a IM so we can get together – it’ll take 30mins, I promise 🙂

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