My Second Life Road Trip 8: Passing Through Taber

Frank made short work of the swim from Welsh to Taber. Partly in honour of his efforts but largely because there was three-parts of bugger all there (1), I made short work of my visit.
Leaving Welsh

Once we sloshed onto land, Frank trotted us off to a beautiful minoretted structure that seemed to be a place of reflection for its builder, Siggy Romulus. The only other thing of note here were the lovely trees of Khamon Fate, all for sale it seemed.
Taber - Siggy Romulus' retreat

A short distance away lay the two buildings of Allen Parks, the first his shop of excellent fireworks and the other his freebie barn designed to help newbies.
Taber - Park's Fireworks and Freebies

Behind that, next to a mall, I found a strange small, round building. Frank snorted and stamped his feet eager, I felt, to move east to Natoma, but I had to dismount to get a closer look.
Taber - Piprrr Godel's Myst Project

And I wasn’t disappointed! The building was a small fragment of the lost lands of Myst built here way back in 2003 by Piprrr Godel. Why it was here and what purpose it served I had no idea, but as I climbed back onto Frank and pointed him to the magnificent tower to the east, I decided that a small missive to Piprrr would be the order of the day.
Taber - Entering Piprrr Godel's Myst Project

To be continued…

Yours in Travel,
HeadBurro Antfarm

(1) It seems Taber wasn’t always this barren. According to some pictures belonging to Khamon Fate I found on snapzilla, Taber ‘died’ about a year ago. I shall IM him and find out more. In the meantime, here is the search link for the photos.

Update: Although I have yet to hear from Khamon, Allen & Osprey filled me in on some of the background – it seems that Garth & Pituca Fairchang sold up and moved on about  a year ago and that meant a lot of the builds in Taber that dated back to pretty much the start of SL vanished. Allen has managed to save the windmill that dates back from 2003 and in the space between my original visit a few weeks back and this write up he has re-erected it near his fireworks shop. More info as and when I get it 🙂
Taber - The Windmill Returns

EDIT: 8th Sept 09: It is with a very heavy heart I found out today that Garth Fairchang’s typist died recently. My thoughts are with his SL & RL wife and all his SL & RL friends and family. SL is a poorer place for his passing.



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