SL Machinima: The Missing Saloon of Oak Grove

Oh joyous day! I have finished and uploaded my first ever machinima film. It has taken over a week of my life and kept me awake long past my healthy bedtime (sorry to the fam and my boss for being knackered all the time) but it is done and I have enjoyed it immensely 😀

The idea came to me quite suddenly. I originally planned my first film to be about a very different subject, but when this idea popped into my head pretty much complete and ‘as-you-now-see-it’ I just knew I had to do it. Ideas are funny like that – some take a long time to ferment and bob to the top of your consciousness, whilst others appear fully formed and *need* to get out as soon as possible. I am very, very glad this one is done and out of my head now as I haven’t been able to think about anything else for too long.

So, without further ado, may I present to you “The Missing Saloon of Oak Grove” – I hope this little effort makes more people explore the old, forgotten places of this world. I also hope it makes the Linden Moles fix this wee town and make it great again.

Edit (7th Jan 2010): Here is my previous post about Oak Grove and here is a film of extras & how I made this film.

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  1. Loved the film, the soundtrack, the shots from inside the buildings as you passed by on Frank, the whole thing, truly magical, well done mate!!!!!

  2. Awww, cheers mate. It feels odd to have now finished it as it took up so much of my waking (and sleeping) hours over the last two weeks.

    Love the new gravatar, btw – but you need to start putting your URL into your name 🙂

  3. Cheers Baker – I’m storyboarding the next one now, but time is very limited so it won’t be done for quite some time. I’m also pushing what I think I can do on my own, so I may have to either scale back or bring in willing volunteers 🙂

  4. Great movie, HBA! I like the camera angles you used. Very creative!

    By the way, I know that feeling when you should be sleeping, but instead you want to edit the movie just a little bit more… and suddenly you realise it’s really really REALLY late 🙂

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