SL Beauty: Windlight over Murray and Ali

Postcard from Second Life.

Another shot of just how lovely Windlight can look – this time over Murray with my mate Ali looking out to the sea that leads to Da Boom and on to Rodeo and beyond. Gorgeous. And Windlight is lovely too 😉


  1. Lovely picture of Ali looking out to see, you sure have a way of capturing the moment 🙂 I have taken Candidate out and put the original SL back as it was getting impossible to take any shots without all the foreground being included. I was quite shocked to see how good the original SL is, if you turn up the graphics quality, so I will make do with it for while till they sort Candidate out.

  2. I’m using the latest ‘proper’ version too – the RCs were/are fun but too bloody buggy (to be fair, LL do warn about that – they are very much a work-in-progress).

    I think the latest version is lovely – and with windlight just gorgeous 🙂

  3. That’s a great photo!

    I found the RC would crash a lot on me, although I’m having some trouble with the main viewer (it’s not too bad, it happens mostly when it gets “stuck”). Anyway, you get lots of beauty from the main viewer as it includes windlight.

  4. Hi and TY 🙂

    I’ve gone back to the main viewer on my PC for ‘general’ use but I also use the RC to use my spacenavigator joystick – but I’m hoping that option will be in the next main and I can ditch the RC 🙂

    I still use an early 1.19 on my laptop as I’m afeared that any windlight capable viewer will bugger things up for the old girl 😦

  5. If I buy that joystick, which may happen, I’ll probably use the RC for it.

    The most updated version of the main viewer causes hiccups, but I usually turn down the graphics controls unless I’m trying to get a good snapshot. General exploring and wandering doesn’t need my to see 512 meters ahead, have the sky rendered completely and have detail in everything.

  6. While I would love to get fantastic sweeping views, I don’t think my computer could handle it! Also, reducing the draw distance can be useful to block out ugly distant buildings.

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