The Search for Magellan: The Road to Bay City…

The seekers have met again in the secret Bodega HQ and this time we were joined by a Linden! (no name, no pack drill). The topic of discussion was the recent discovery of photographs that showed Magellan had managed to build himself a new airship from the wreckage of his old one that crashed in Geata. After we went over the latest findings and pawed over the table of goodies…
The Find Magellan Tabke

….we gawped at the majesty of the Magellan Bear…
Magellan's Bear

…we checked out The Jeska Photos…
The Jaska Linden Magellan Photos

The photos seemed to indicate Ol’ Mag was being met by a mysterious figure on top of what we surmised was an airship mooring tower in what we took to be Bay City. We decided to head over and see if we could find the tower in the newly opened city. Which, you’ll be happy to hear, we did!
Bay City Airship Mast

The view from the top only served to prove that the shot of the mystery man was indeed taken from the tower…
Atop the mast

Osprey was the bravest amongst us…
Kong Osprey!

But it was inside that we found some real proof that the tower was somehow linked (no pun intended) to Magellan – a photo of the airship shown in Jeska Linden’s grainy shots!
Magellan's Airship at the Bay City Airport

What does it mean? What is Magellan’s connection with Bay City? And who is the mysterious figure on the mooring tower? Only time will tell…


  1. I still maintain that those airship photos and his visit to Bay City occurred BEFORE he arrived and crashed on Gaeta. I think he has built a new, smaller airship from the wreckage and is now exploring points east of the accessible Gaeta regions. Now to find some evidence to back that up!

  2. Enjah: I think we all know why that is. *Sobs* Why do the good ones fall for rogues? WHY???

    Sal: Well that makes more sense that leaving uncharted lands for civilisation. I mean, how did he get to the uncharted lands if not *from* civilisation? So if he is currently exploring not only un-charted lands but lands that are ‘off-grid’ to us, how are we to find him next?

  3. As I live in one of the new Gaeta regions (Dirac), perhaps he’ll make an appearance over the skies of my tower? Well, if that happens, I’ll try to get evidence. There’s such mystery surrounding Magellan and I had thought he totally disappeared.

  4. I definitely will. I’m at the tower all the time and as Dirac is a mostly unpopulated sim (including the surrounding sims), it should be easy to spy his airship in the skies.

  5. Hehe, well that’s why I bought as much as I could for as much as I could afford monthly (tier fees). I own probably a sixth of that sim, with gardens surrounding my tower, and a very large secondary garden to provide open space. I don’t plan on moving any time soon (with all of the work I’ve done). The gardens were all set up to keep from having a big ugly building within a short distance of the front of the building

  6. Thank you! The amount of land is about 8,200 square meters.

    I’ve actually done little planning, and the tower took its current form based upon my first building back in 2006. The look is sort of a gothic/Moorish look, and I wanted it to feel a bit like those grand turn of the century buildings in places like San Francisco (a bit like Beau Arts). The gardens are inspired a little by Victorian, a little by Italianate, and a little by Moorish gardens. It’s something I rarely see in SL. I’ve rarely seen buildings with a similar look in SL.

    I do have a blog, Gahum’s Travels. Although, I haven’t done much travelling lately (construction, y’know). I wrote in my current post I want to explore Gaeta more since it’s such a new place. Check it out if you’re inclined.

  7. Hi – Ohh, I’m inclined alright. I’m a blog-o-holic 🙂 I know all too well how building can stop exploring – my road trip is somewhat stalled at the moment as I’m really busy with the show I’m in.

    I love the idea of basing the gardens on moorish designs – their whole ethos of creating heaven on earth is quite apt for SL.

  8. I have to be careful with blogs (i’d do nothing but read them), but there are some great ones out there.

    I see my gardens as my personal paradise. If heaven exists, it surely is one big garden. I avoided a strictly Moorish garden only because I wanted some variety, there’s a Japanese garden on one side and subtropicals in another spot, but the water feature, lemon, orange, and cypress trees with clipped hedges are typically Moorish. The wall also completes that separation of an ideal heaven from the mundane.

    The big square lake with the central Cherry tree is more of a Japanese inspired thing, but with a modern design approach.

  9. Please do. You may find the tower locked if I don’t return before you visit, but please enjoy the gardens! Search for me to find the teleport link (although, you can just TP into Dirac and you’ll see it.)

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