SL Places: Ambat Infohub

My mate Osprey Therian is a very talented lady. Anyone who knows her knows this is true, but for someone like me who hasn’t really known her for very long, the sheer scale of what she has done in SL is amazing. Hell, half of what she has done has gone and I’ll never get to see them (/me thinks of the bizarre roadside attractions inspired by the curios often found along the forgotten highways of America – think “The World’s Biggest Potato” or “America’s Largest Furball”).

Hers is one of the few blogs I not only read every day but have traveled back in time and read too – her stories from There always tempt me to open an account and I’ve put my name down for beta in Twinity because of what she has said about it. Over the course of the last few months, her blog has been a revelation to me as to the extent of her creations and some weeks ago a nice missive she received from someone in-world thanking her for her work on an infohub led me to promise myself I’d go along and take a peek at this creation.

I feel a word or two on infohubs might be apposite, especially if you, like me, came post-late 05/early 06 and missed all the infohub kafuffle. Back in the day* when direct teleporting to anywhere wasn’t possible**, the Lindens introduced telehubs. For one reason and another, the ability to teleport anywhere being key of course, these were removed and replaced with infohubs that were built by residents who bid for the work (I’m not sure if this was paid or not – it doesn’t really matter for the purposes of this post, please concentrate and stop interrupting). Osprey must have won a bid*** because she ended up designing the infohub in Ambat, a sim I’ve never been to… well, until now that is 🙂

I dropped into Ambat (which I found wasn’t too far from my usual haunts in Sansara, the first continent – it’s times like that I realise just how impossible a job it is to explore all of SL because it is so huge) and had to zoom my camera around to find the infohub. I wasn’t expecting to see it up on a small hill and the views it had of the surrounding sims were amazing.

Ambat 1

I’d recognise Ospery’s tents anywhere and the infohub boasted two of the beauties along with covered infobooths and rugs for folks to relax on.

Ambat 2

Ambat 5

Throughout the small area are traces of her humour, often rooted in the very early days of SL such as the Hippo Helper and the free Hippo book which contains the (so far) only quote from the legendary Spike Milligan I’ve ever seen in-world.

Ambat 3

Ambat 4

Ambat 6

If, like me, you have never given a moments notice to that often crowded and confusing place you call home (and by ‘home’ we more-often-than-not mean nothing more than the place we first entered the world or are teleported back to in times of grid crash) then maybe it’s about time you just spent a few minutes inspecting**** who made it and finding out a little more about how it all came to be. If you find a good one, drop a SLURL in the comments and let’s all go exploring and appreciating some oft-overlooked resident built goodness 🙂

Oooo, me old horns are tingling… I feel a new travelogue coming on here… Backpacking Burro’s Guide to Infohubs!



* What about the night? No one ever refers to back in the night – why?

** Well it was but at a cost and not anywhere like we have now. It’s complicated and I think it was part of an economic brake on resource usage.

*** I’ll have to ask her about that.

**** PC users – Right click on something and cycle through the pie-wheel-thing until you see INSPECT. Mac users – Fek knows, I’ve never used one and can’t afford one. Actually, here is a great video tutorial about it from Torley,


  1. I’m certainly going to pay Ambat a visit, looks fascinating!! I too am in awe of Osprey, I cannot get over how clever she is and such a nice person as well. Surely she must be chronicled as one of the great creators in sl, someone who is so inspirational and works so hard to make it all happen!!!

  2. I didn’t win a bid. Torley asked me if I’d do one, and it was for fun, not money. I was asked which place and I instantly chose Ambat as I always had feeling for Ambat.

    The robot is an ambot.

    I used to have poseballs so people could, say, sit in place to read the book but they went walkies on me.

    Oooh, Janey – *closes eyes* – I’m just a artist whose outlet is SL.

  3. I solicited things for the Hippobookamus, but I think only Lauk responded. I think the SM was one she submitted, and when I said (I’m always dragging people across the aether) He can live on in SL! She said, Yes! Live on!

  4. Although SL originally had point to point teleporting, there was a small charge to encourage people to fly. Telehubs were an attempt at social engineering and zoning.

    It would be this way: teleport to the hub nearest one’s destination. Upon arriving immediatelt hit page up and arrow up and try to escape before being trapped (things unrezzed were phantom), fly to the destination, using the beacon as a guide. The destination might be a few sims from the telehub or next door.

    When I joined people would say hello to each other, but the attempt to speed away before entrapment, as things grew, put the kibosh on telehub socialisation. I monitored how it affected me and felt I explored MORE after p2p teleporting.

  5. Ambot… groan! 🙂

    I think the poseballs may have rolled down the hill and across the road to the sea…

    I don’t think I would have liked the ‘enforced’ telehub idea – mainly because of the lag! I’ve set my home location to the back of the Eleanor now because not only can I beam in quickly if I crash in a show, but it also means I have a quiet home spot in case of grid wobbles 🙂

  6. There is no mention in her cv, of one of Osprey’s finest, and ongoing creations, The Show Must Go On … I think it may need updating! Osprey and HBA both have seemingly limitless inspiration, which I envy. I have capability to execute, but my inspirations are fueled by others’ ideas.

  7. I made that when I was trying to get in the dev directory a couple of years ago (REJECTED) and updated it once I think. It has hardly anything on it because it was geared a specific way. If anyone thinks that’s all I’ve done – heh – well, it’s not the case.

  8. Os – they rejected you? Whaaaa?

    Enj – Go to and sign up (it’s free) and you’ll have your picture everywhere you go 🙂

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