SL Peeps: Alba Uriza

Being involved in The Show Must Go On is wonderful for a great deal of reasons, not least of which is I get to meet some incredibly talented, creative, generous and funny people. I’ll be featuring more of TSMGO crowd over the coming months, but for now I’d like you all to meet Alba Uriza.
Alba on her ace bike

I met Alba at the rehearsal for mini-show in Dreams a few weeks ago. As we were not showing a full set of acts, there were gaps we had to fill creatively and I’d mentioned to Osprey a while before about having a sort of ‘Rodeo Clown’ act that any free performers could do to entertain the crowd in between acts. I forgot to take this further with her and knowing how busy she is assumed she’d forgotten too – oh me of little faith! When Alba asked if there was anything she could do to help, Os right away got her entertaining the audience with her tiny acrobatics and all round cuteness and the crowd loved her!

During shows, Alba and I tend to end up in the same spot in the wings and we always have a great giggle together throughout the show – I hope we have lots more shows together 🙂


  1. Alba sure looks cute and what a good idea to fill the gaps in the show like this, makes things flow very nicely!! Can see you are all working really hard, looking forwards to the next show 🙂

  2. It’s all coming together very nicely indeed 🙂

    And Alba has a much bigger part in the show these days too, which is great.

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