The Search for Magellan Linden – News!

The hunt started one month ago and there have been many exciting discoveries since the ragtag bag of explorers, hunters and inventors set out across the grid to find the missing explorer par excellence. Our first task was to leaflet drop Linden village with publicity – a task that is significantly harder than one would imagine!. But soon we had a break-through when, on the newly raised landmass of Gatea, Natacha Chernov saw the great man and even managed to get a snap!

There was an understandable flurry of activity – Osprey and I found his camp where wreckage suggested yet another crash (my gods, don’t let him fly another craft!)
Postcard from Second Life.

Postcard from Second Life.

Osprey even wrote to her one time lover (the lucky cad! She deserves better!) and left him a wee letter in a bottle (there were plenty of empty ones to choose from!)
Message in a bottle...

Since then, despite a couple of other brief sightings, it has become apparent that Magellan has left his makeshift camp and returned to exploring. Speculation about how he achieved this and where he headed to was rife until some photos came into the possession of Natacha. How Jeska Linden came by these she isn’t saying… but one thing is for sure – Magellan is airborne once more and possibly in the soon-to-be-opened Bay City. Hmmm, time to get some air crash insurance, I feel…

Salazar Jack is organising another meeting at the secret explorer’s base in Bode… opps! Err, the secret base in somewhere secret (drop him an IM if you’d like to join us)!

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