SL Peeps: Nica Pennell

Ever since I became half-gazelle that fateful day I found the backpack in Kahruvel I have been alone. Before you all burst into tears and organise a benefit concert for me, I don’t mean lonely, just alone. Apart. Singular. The Only Gazelle In The Village, if you will. I’ve longed to meet another of my kind, to have the chance to chat about being part gazelle but long ago feared it would never be. So imagine, dear reader, my delight when I received a pair of hooves and a lovely message from Nica Pennell who, although now a satyr, was once a half-gazelle like me!

The very next chance we got, we met up in-world with Nica TPing me to a lovely rock on the plains under the hanging palaces of delight that make up the amazing stores of Grendel’s Children. Unfortunately I was on my poor, tired old laptop so couldn’t take a great deal of photos (I crashed out at least twice and frequently had FPS of 1-5).
Nica Pennell

Nica had made the hooves a while back and I think they look pretty darn good on the end of my feet – although I won’t be adding them to my gazelle body but rather to my posh black talbuk-in-a-tux body to replace my smart shoes… after all, hooves are much better than shoes for dancing in 🙂
Chatting with Nica Pennell

Nica is, as I said, a satyr and if you meet her, you must ask about her family and tribal history as it puts my efforts to write a convincing back story into the shade, I can tell you – it’s riveting!

I hope to go back to the Avarian lands soon, this time on my PC so I can take some snaps and hopefully spend some less crashy time with Nica. After all, we horned ones simply must stick together – there are wolves out there, you know…

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