HBA is back in the building…

I’m back! Well I think I am… I haven’t actually been able to check yet, but at least my support ticket is marked as “Solution Provided”. If all goes well, I’ll see you back in-world later today – thanks to Janey, Osprey and Ryne for trying to help 🙂

Edit: Here is Janey’s post on the matter.

Edit 2: Salazar Jack managed to get a shot of me trapped in limbo 🙂

Salazars pic of me trapped in limbo


  1. I know when a region has been restarted either when A) I’m next to it or in it, or B) in answer to a request someone emails me and says “I restarted the region.” Dunno if there’s another way.

    So when are you going to post on yer blob?

  2. Ooo – well there *should* have been a new post this morning… but looking in the post queue, it seems to have vanished!

    I tend to spend a night writing up half a dozen posts and then scheduling them for the next 7 to 10 days – I’ve come to the end of that cycle and the last post waiting was meant to be published today, but it ‘as gowne!

    I’m on the case Os – more posts ASAP! You might even recongnise the locations for one of them 😉

  3. Hi Prok – well first and only time for me, and it came as a total surprise. As did the 3 day wait to get back (although it did happen late Sat night for the Lindens so I guess that explains the first 1 to 2 days :-D)

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