A night at the theatre…

Tho old indoor and outdoor theatres in Phobos that were the home of The Show Must Go On have gone…
The old Phobos TSMGO Theatre has gone!

But fear not Shindig fans, the home of TSMGO has only moved over the hill to the bay next to the excellent SL History Museum in Phobos where not only does it have a new base, but also a new name – The Eleanor Theatre! This is a shot of the new look theatre and although it’s not finished I think you’ll agree that it looks great 🙂
The new Eleanor Theatre in Phobos

Pop on over and take a look round – Osprey has added a fun water slide to help folks get down from the road and Salazar and I are going to be adding various parking and mooring options soon. Hope to see you for one of our upcoming shows (dates to be announced, but I’ll let you all now).


  1. Thanks for showing us round the new theatre the other night, its great, and so interesting to be backstage to see where the cast prepare for their performance 🙂

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