The Show Must Go On… Sat 19th April at 1pm SL!

Second Life may well be a creative paradise for many people, allowing them to be whoever (or whatever) they want and to build and create to their heart’s content, but many activities taken for granted in real life are harder to recreate and appreciate in this strange, wonderful virtual world.

Eating for example. In RL eating could not be simpler or more enjoyable but in SL, where there is no need to eat, involves a complex dance of pre-scripted objects and a real leap of imagination to achieve.

Or how about surfing? In RL you just grab a board, run into the sea and lap up the feeling of being in a huge washing machine where as in SL it’s a much less exhilarating affair altogether leaving you more washed up than wiped out.

Surfing too taxing for you? Not your scene? Well how about a night out to catch a show? In RL what could be easier? But in SL… Ahhh, but wait! You mean you haven’t heard about SL’s wide and varied live show scene? Shame! In SL you can see Sinatra sing live on the RMS Titanic; hang out with your favourite bands as they try out new, unheard tracks; you can watch a ballet or luxuriate in a Shakespeare tragedy; you can even see comics do stand up – in here, the world is your lobster my son.

Take, for instance, this coming Saturday. What live show can you catch at 1pm SL time in Dreams sim? Why, only the first, best and only travelling variety show in Second Life; the world famous “The Show Must Go On”! What do you mean you’ve never heard of it? For shame!

The Show Must Go On (or TSMGO from now on, please) is now in its second triumphant year and boasts a whole host of new acts from dramatic dances and feats of daring do, to laugh out loud routines of side-splitting comedy. Yes, TSMGO has something for everyone and this Saturday sees the show putting on a very special sneak preview of the new 2008 line up for charity and you are more than welcome to come along and see it for yourself – all you will need is access to a computer that can stream audio media (i.e. speakers that work and the streaming audio option turned on in SL’s preferences) and a good sense of humour!


Come and gasp at The Amazing Lucita, the first ever ventriloquist act in Second Life’s history! Be amazed at the amazing Cellophane Dancers! Go crazy in the aisles for Madam Crème Caramel’s Trained Humans! Vibrate with delight at the assortment of exotic and beautiful dancers (some involving fans and roller-skates!) from Around The World. Put your hands in the air like you just don’t care for the Synchronised Knitters Precision Unicycle Drill Team! Get ready to shout “Cooking Hell!” at Cooking with Margaux! Thrill to all this and much, much more besides!

Oh yes, there is nothing in Second Life like The Show Must Go On and this is your chance to come along and see this amazing, hilarious, unique show for yourself. Just bring a sewing kit for your poor sides…

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  1. I am stunned by your thrilling and titillating review … you clearly know the show and the people … I admire you and wish I had that sort of access to these … brilliant … and may I say heroic, innovators! You are truly leading a charmed life, my semi-ungulate friend!

  2. Ed, what can I say… I often wish I were chasing down dangerous perps with only a glock 9mm in my hand to rely on.

    I am lucky, but isn’t the grass always greener… especially when you eat it?

    p.s. don’t say anything, but I’d love the show more if Enjah didn’t keep beating me for the slightest mistake – she took the tip off my left horn with her mallet last week when nerves got the better of me and I unfortunately let fly with a perfectly natural and understandable bottom parp as I bent down to grab her breasts… I’m a nervous wreck!

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