The Search for Magellan Linden Starts Now!

The evening of Sunday 6th April 2008 saw a most unusual meeting in a secret location hidden away in Bodega, a meeting of some of the finest explorer’s adventurers, hunters and inventors all with one aim: to find the missing explorer, Magellan Linden!
Postcard from Second Life.

Magellan is a legend in Second Life, a traveller whose spacecraft crashed in Columbia as he explored the new continent of Heterocera way back in February 2005. He continued his explorations, sending his typically gruff and bad-tempered reports back for all to read in his blog. His reports stopped abruptly in April that year and many feared him lost to the Moth God worshiping tribes he had encountered, but he did turn up a few more times with the last sighting being just over 2 years ago at the second anniversary celebrations for the city of Nova Albion.

However, since that last sighting, Magellan Linden, explorer extraordinaire a connoisseur of many a fine ale house (and many, many more not so fine) has not been seen nor heard of since.

Rumours are rife – some say he has fallen to the demon drink and currently lives in a state of befuddled bliss in some seedy opium den; others say he is away exploring and long ago went native; other still say he is kept in Robin Linden’s basement as a sort of grumpy play-thing for her! Whatever the truth, one thing is clear – Linden Labs knows more about his whereabouts and fate than they are letting on and the brave souls who met in secret are determined to get to the truth and you can help!

You can join in the hunt – you can help us find this grumpiest of explorers and return him doing what he does best: charting the uncharted, mapping the unmapped and drinking the undrunk! Simply go over to the location below and look for the Lost! Milk carton – click on it to receive your “Find Magellan” kit and start spreading the word! Put up posters, give out flyers, blog your findings, ask everyone you meet if they have seen him and together we will be victorious!
Postcard from Second Life.

p.s. Here are some useful links:


  1. I agree, poor Magellan may not have been seen in 2 years, may never have uttered a word to any witnesses we can find and my in fact not be real, but to call him a myth is just cruel!

    As for Lab vs Labs… have you not seen the secret ones they have, Os? Tsk.

  2. Been looking into this strange disappearance as well (following some of the leads that have been found so far).
    What I have found is that there is another “Hint” ball by the Isabel Infohub. This one is Red, and hidden under the road at the T intersection. It gives another picture covered in green (like the one on Magellan’s blog).

    After following that through an exhausting maze of links, hints and dead-ends, I found the following two new-fangled web pages (even have those new *colour* images…). (I can’t remember what linked there as I had a screenfull of tabs open, opps).

    (I have no idea how recent, or not, they are. Hopefully they will help in the search)

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