Linden Labs Introduce Pixie Powered Sim Crossings

Even with the introduction of Havok 4, Linden Labs are painfully aware that sim crossing are still an issue for most residents – crashes, drifting off into space or the earth, losing sight of your prims, even finding inventory forever gone, we all know that crossing a sim line can hurt.

Well, in a bid to improve user experience and reduce inventory loss, Linden Labs are installing their new Pixie Powered Sim Crossing Systems (PPSCS) throughout the grid. Of course they are not using real pixies, but the vehicles employed to carry avatars safely over a sim border has been designed to look like a small pixie – you merely use the scripted whistle (found on a length of string by all sim borders) to call a pixie and sit on the first one that appears. You are then carried safely over the sim line and deposited more or less upright by the wee fey folk.

I don’t normally cheer when Linden Lab add a new feature as it means a new download – but this one sounds like a much needed improvement I think we will all salute!

Here I am on the testing panel last month – the pixie can just be seen beneath me.

Head the Fairy Ride

The pixies don’t always get it right, but hey, they are small you know!

Strong Faries in Murray


  1. But what if I want to cross a sim border in a vehicle of my own? I aint’ using a ‘pixie’ to cross a sim border even if I am on foot! 😡

  2. Don’t worry about it – it turns out Linden Lab lied. They were using real Pixies after all and only paying them 1 tooth a week – the pixies, bolstered by the Fey Folks Union went on strike in June 08 and demanded a wage increase of 2 teeth (one of which had to be gold every third week) and a cut in hours from 29 a day to 27. They also wanted special lifting gear for the heavier avatars as several pixies were developing bad backs.

    In the end Linden Lab sacked the lot of them and used dogs to chase them off the grid.

    It was a sad and sorry time in Second Life’s history.

  3. You almost got me, HB! I’ve wised up to April 1st posts after getting nailed before.

    I have found that the Bluesteel (“threaded region crossings”) was working beautifully until the big crash about 10 days go or thereabouts. Since then I’ve had some issues and so have friends.

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