BB Road Trip: Silence in Spooky Noyo

It begins in Noyo.

Noyo is amongst the earliest sims to come online back in February 2004 and it is here, in the shadow of the swaying trees of mighty Kahruvel, that the great road east is born. Here you can rez a car* and prepare to start your journey.

Except don’t. Not yet. Look to the southern edge of the little patch of tarmac and you’ll see a sign for a ghost train ride below you. This is Sinatra Cartier’s Spook House and you should take five minutes out of your busy schedule to take a seat and pay 10L$ for a ride – it’s good, honest scary fun! The ride was built way back in 2004 by Sinatra Cartier to celebrate his childhood trips to funfairs and has been a permanent fixture of the region ever since.

Sinatras Spook House in Noyo

Sinatras Spook House

BB Road Trip - Noyo and Sinatra Cartiers Spook House ride

Sinatra himself** is one of the early adopters who still call these old regions of the mainland home – in fact it’s rare when land this old comes up for sale and this means a strange and comforting sense of continuity can be found here, a sense of the stable in a world that is constantly making and remaking itself around you.

Across the water in front of the spook house ride, the land rises up towards Albion where the beautiful Japanese gardens can be found. To the west rests the beautiful village of Cowell and beyond that, Abbott’s Aerodrome rises high above the sea below. The waterways here are perfect for navigating a small boat or kayak around the coast or pressing deep into the river network, but that is for another time and another travel guide. Now it is high time for this Backpacking Burro to get back to the open road and start both hiss car and his journey.

Wagons Roll!

The Lure of The Open Road

Yours in Travel,
Headburro Antfarm.

Direct SLURL to the Spook House ride

Sinatra Cartier’s website

* Not something you can do on most stretches of road, instead you have to find a small patch of land next to the road and try to ‘hop’ for fly over the barriers. Actually, this is a good point to say a wee word about roads. Although they are largely empty these days (and have as long as I have known, which is from November 2006) they were at one time the best way to get around as instantaneous point-to-point teleportation as we have now simply did not exist. At first the world was small enough to walk or fly around. Then, as it grew, teleportation hubs were placed at key locations and you had to pay to beam between them before continuing your journey on foot or by vehicle. It was at this time that the road network we see now was introduced and people used to cherish roadside properties as it allowed them easy access to the main transportation network they needed to get to places and see their friends.

I think there is something wonderfully romantic about having to travel somewhere rather than just beaming in (although, curiously I feel the opposite about RL – I rather dislike travelling and would much rather just teleport in 😀 ). But free P-2-P teleportation came and the roads and rail and plane and water network died overnight. And let’s be honest, travelling by car or plane in SL is not easy – sim borders, lag, ban lines all these things go towards making any travel but teleportation the preserve of the dedicated. Or insane.

**Sinatra, aside from being the creator of the spook house ride, is also a bloody good Frank Sinatra tribute act in both RL and SL and I’m hoping to see his next in-world concert in a few weeks – I’ll let you know when it is and we can all turn up if you like?


  1. LOL – not for want of trying, I can tell you! I’m really hoping it will get better with a new PC – I’ll be able to put my draw distance above 96 or 120 without running like a pig then.

  2. When can I come on your journey around sl, can’t wait for the invite….so I’m inviting myself 😀 What a great idea!!! Px

  3. You are always invited! I’m hoping to get online tonight, although I think these early sims you will already know. You and J could come on horseback!

  4. MILDEWWWWWW!!!! Oh matey! You are a gravatar for sore eyes – I’ve right missed you :)x

    I really hope you do come in – you’ll love it! I can show you a huge Cthuhu statue carved out at sea by who knows what antidiluvian hands… ooooo! Get t’other half on too – he’ll love it!

    Yay! you’re back from Oz too!!!!

  5. Hello HeadBurro!

    Thanks for the wonderful mention of my Spook House Ride! I love the pictures and article 🙂

    Your descriptive writing is excellent and fun to read.

    All the best,
    Sinatra Cartier

  6. Hi Sinatra! Thanks so much for your kind words. I’ve missed out a SLURL to your spook house and a link to your website on both my site and the CNN entry – I’ll rectify this today 🙂

    I’ve contacted Nancy about your next in-world gig and I’m hoping to come along with a group of friends, especially after to listening to you on your site!

  7. Hiya Baker – Love your blog! Hope we can meet up in world some time – you can come to Combat Cards with us sometime if you like 🙂

  8. Hey HeadBurro.. thanks tons for writing about the road in Noyo. I took a girl for our first date there and we road the motorcycle.. We haven’t finished discovering everything yet but plan too soon.. yup got a second date out of it.. thanks much!

    P.S. we were going to go through the spook house but the cart only seats one person at a time.. we wanted to do it together so we opted not to go through. two person cart would be perfect… hint hint Sinatra if you’re reading this.

  9. Brilliant news! I’m really pleased you enjoyed the region and I’m sure you’ll love the ghost train – drop Sinatra a notecard or IM in-world – he’s a lovely chap!

    I should have the next episode of my travels out soon 🙂

    p.s. If you’d like to take your good lady somewhere special, try The Lost Gardens of Apollo and take the 2 person floating lotus ride around the huge and beautiful gardens. Promise to name any children after me 🙂

    p.p.s. Make sure you explore the Forest of Kahruvel and Cowell Village west of Noyo and then try free parachuting in Abbotts 🙂

  10. Sounds great Thanks much… LOL ok maybe we’ll call the first boy.. debido a el burro or some type of derivative (getting a little ahead of myself here).

    Anyway thanks again… and i’ll be sure to check out your suggestions.

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