Ohhh really…?

From the SL Age Verification FAQ:

What if I’m under 18?
If you are under 18, do NOT lie about your age or attempt to gain unauthorized access to our system.  Instead, access Teen Second Life at http://teen.secondlife.com/. Take our word for it -– you’ll like TSL much, much better.  Only Residents between the ages of 13 and 17 are allowed to access Teen Second Life, and there are incredible opportunities there to interact, learn, and be creative, without any adults to get in your way.




“Take our word for it -– you’ll like TSL much, much better”


While we are on it kids, sex before marriage is really bad, booze is awful and TV is just terrible. Did I mention how bad sex was? Just don’t even try it kids – stick to teen things like sports with soft balls, dressing up and putting on musicals*.

HBA – Just another adult in your way.

* Actually, if you could stop with your shitting High School Musicals, I’d be most grateful.



  1. Oh My! Really! Didn’t realize how stupid Linden Labs is until now!

    If they are really serious about that then they should place the age verification system during sign-up and not after signing up.

    What they just did is to cover tracks and place the accountability to Second Life’s residents.

    How in the hell will they be able to persuade a minor not to sign-up?

    I think I’ll make a post about this at my blog too.

    Great find HBA

  2. Hiya Kabalyero – I just think that trying to tell teens that Teen SL is much more fun than the main SL is stooooopid beyond belief.

    Yes kids – in Teen SL you can’t swear or have sex or any of those really, really boring things those stuffy adults can do on the main SL – you lucky people!

    No one but no one is going to listen to that!

    I don’t have an answer, but it just makes me laugh that they think that saying Teen SL is better that all the teens in the main SL will suddenly go “Oooohhhh! Well, I better go there, then!” 😀

  3. LOL – NOT musical hall-age musicals, shitty teen happy-clappy-family-friendly-drivel like High School Muscial.

    You, my dear, are a saviour of the art, not a transgressor 😉

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