BB Flashmob: CSI Burros on the case!

This week saw the opening of 40+ sim bundles (110 sims in 40+ groups of 4) for a tie-in with the CSI New York telly program. The idea is that you drop into one of the orientation sims where you can either pick up a new look client/viewer/browser or a toolbar/HUD for the existing c/v/b. This HUD allows you to interact with the clues placed around the sims so you can become a CSI officer and solve crimes. Sounds fun… sounds like it needs a visit from a mini BB Flashmob to solve the Venus Murderer case of the Dead Wabbit…

After gathering all the clues, following all the spoken help notes and analyzing the evidence, we finally graduated from CSI school to become:

Agent Pinkie Delcon, Agent Sjet Sakai, Agent HeadBurro Antfarm and Agent Janey Bracken are on the job case!

Go along with some mates and have a go yourself – there are so many islands that I’m not giving a SLURL – just open MAP and search for CSINY. There will be more cases each week up until Feb 08 when it all ends. Oh, one last word – the lag sucked biiiiig time! Be prepared and turn everything off when you go 🙂


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