SL Games: Combat Cards

I’ve not known Osprey that long, but in that short time she has been behind some of the best fun I’ve had in SL since I came: Photo Contests, Variety Shows, getting involved with Higbee’s SL Parks and Rec Service, and now, Combat Cards!

Combat cards is a dueling game where two opponents battle each other to the death – and it’s all controlled by a small deck of cards you wear as a HUD. The concept twisted my melon at first, but Doc, Osprey, Jaladan & Valadeza (the genii behind it) have installed a great tutorial system of video and automatic robots that the basics sink in very fast and you can be up and fighting with real people in no time. To get good at it takes longer, and to be a master must take a Yoda-like age, but that doesn’t stop the game ever being fun. You can even buy the basic system for 1L$ (yes, one Linden dollar) and install it at home to practice with friends, just like I have on HBA Island. Janey and I practice there, just make sure when you attach your HUD of cards, it is the HUD and not the anvil 🙂

To find out more, visit the Combat Cards site and the Combat Cards Blog, and then teleport into the Combat Cards arenas in Europa to fight the bots in the two special training arenas, as well as fight other people and buy some cards to start building your deck. Good luck, brave warriors! G’al be with you. If he’s busy, take G’alzooki instead.

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