In Other News: My Adopted Home

We all have a home when we beam into the mainland. These days they are usually one of the adopted homes like NCI or the great hobo place Cal-somethingorother (I’m crap with names), but when I joined nearly a year ago, I dropped into Braunsworth. Can’t say I liked it, can’t say I hated it – I was new and didn’t understand what was going on, and my connection was slower then so it was largely greyed out for me. I didn’t stay. I wandered. I couldn’t settle and by January this year I was ready to chuck it in. Then I found Murray.

Murray is the back end of nowhere. Bordering some the first land around in SL (Lusk, Rodeo, Gibson, etc.) , it was once a Linden supported welcome area until, around December last year, the welcome area stuff was deleted and it became a patch of wasteland with some sea attached. In January, I was TPing about looking for a new, quiet place to set as my home point when I found Murray. A now reformed griefer called Forbid Utoid caged me within seconds. It seems incredible now, but I was a griefing virgin back then and I had no idea what had haapened.

After the third time the little sod got me, I decided that discretion was by far the better part of valor and I took ten minutes out to google such things until I felt able to stop him. By the time I came back, he’d started on some poor French newbie girl who was very upset and a blonde lass called Pinkie. Pinkie was to become my first really good friend in SL so I guess I have to thank Forbid for something 🙂

After we skelped his arse, she introduced me to her friends in Murray, her home, and I’ve hung around there ever since, although much less of late because a lot of us have our own land now. The early days were fun, making so many good friends, rumbling with newbie cagegun griefers, and hanging out chatting around campfires, sofas and whatever people had in their inventories. Apart from a couple of tosspot griefers (one called Max who used to announce he was “The King of Murray” – a real sap), it was always a nice atmosphere and recently, for one night only, we reclaimed the past.

This post is for my Murray mates – Pinkie, Janey, Anni, Rusty, Ash, Andy, Ali, Hessa, Stef, Ree, Alph – for being such fun. And in a weird way for Forbid for making me stay and Max for being such a total prick he united everyone in hating him and taking the piss out of him at every chance we got.



  1. Hi Head,
    We did have some great nights there. One place were I made lots of friends and have kept them.

    Even though we all wander off to try different things, its always nice to bump into a Murray mate and occassionally drag them along to join me.

    Can’t stop smiling when I remember those days.


  2. Ahh, the good old days. Back when we all had time and no prior engagements. Though we all get busy in our new found world, I still hope we’ll all remain in touch. My first and Foremost SL friends. Cheers!

    Rusty Heron

  3. Hi Rus! Sorry it took so long for this too appear 🙂

    The old nights at Murray were great – I actually missed the noobs with cageguns at times… not often, but every now and then they were fun 😀

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