The Island: Into the Jungle

The Journal of Professor Headonius Burroffski,
Assumed Date:- 14th July 1930, Mid Morning.
Location:- Beach camp. Unknown Island.

Well Rose, here I go. I am about to set off in to the depths of the jungle having discovered in some basic explorations I undertook yesterday, that both sides of my small sandy cove are rendered impassable by a series of jagged cliff faces and sudden plunges on to some of the most vicious looking rocks you will ever hope to see. Indeed, witnessing the merciless way the sea pounded into them caused me to realise just quite how lucky I was that the Telesto was driven up onto what looks like the only forgiving section of coastline for many miles; a few hundred yards in either direction and, well, let us just say I would not be writing this to you now my love.

So, with backwards cut off by the sea, and both left and right denied by the cliffs, I had no choice but to head forwards into the jungle – that strange, living, breathing verdant entity that squats behind my tent and contains God alone know what manner of noisy creatures and hidden perils.

I spent the remainder of yesterday preparing for my journey. I used some material and rope rescued from the wreck to fashion a knapsack; I smoked some fish and wrapped them in banana leaves for storage; I boiled as much water as my small collection of sealing containers could take. After such a hard day I slept like a baby and my prediction for the nightmare seems to have come good for I remember dreaming nothing.

I rose early this morning and made good my camp. In lieu of something more suitable, I used drift wood to fashion a crude SOS sign on the beach before attending to my supplies.

I packed up my trusty tent, what limited medical supplies I have, my matches and some dry tinder. I have no idea how long I would be away, but I think it wise to be as prepared as possible and if nothing else I can sleep under canvas and boil water no matter how long I am away from what has become my home of sorts.

All my love,
Your Doni x

To Be Continued…
Visit The Island here and follow the story as it unfolds over the next few weeks.


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